Early Childhood Bilingual / ESL Education Online Master’s Program

30 credit hours

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The focus area is comprised of four core courses in early education and development, as well as a specialized sequence of seven courses focused on supporting the development and learning of young emergent bilingual and multilingual children in a variety of settings. You also will complete an action research project that explores the particular developmental characteristics and learning needs of children growing up with more than one language.

Completing this focus area in our online, non-licensure master’s program may enable you to add the Bilingual and/or an ESL endorsement through your state board of education. For Illinois residents, the focus area allows you to opt for a bilingual and/or ESL endorsement to your educators’ license. If you hold an Illinois Professional Educator License and you pass a proficiency test in a second language, you can earn both an ESL and a bilingual endorsement. If you are not proficient in another language, you will earn the ESL endorsement.

  • The bilingual endorsement prepares you to instruct young children in that language as well as English.
  • An English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement prepares you to instruct new language learners in English.
  • If you earn the Bilingual endorsement, you will automatically earn the ESL endorsement as well, without needing to complete additional courses.

This focus area prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Early Care and Education Credential, Levels 2-5, through the Entitled Route. To earn the credential, you will need to complete the appropriate Gateways application and provide documentation of your academic and professional experiences. Requirements, timing and related costs may vary.

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Key Benefits:

  • Increase skills to meet growing needs in early learning settings.
  • Develop relevant, in-demand expertise.
  • Sharpen competitive edge in the marketplace.

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